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1) Construction of a nationwide coalition for the healthy and safe work environment and workers¡¯ control over the workplaces

We try to not only organize a nationwide network of labor safety and health movement but also join and spread out any important local struggles. Our goals will only be achieved by the national coalition.

2) Researches to develop activistic schemes and strategies for workers¡¯ health and safety movement

Our research activities are meant to foster our struggles for which we find a breakthrough for expanding the frontline of labor movement.

3) Education and training to increase the capacity of workers¡¯ health and safety movement

Education and training should serve to organize workers in the shop. We assist workers to build up their own curriculum for participatory training programs.

4) Propaganda and communication to publicize workers¡¯ health and safety movement

We publish a monthly magazine, ¡®Ill-Ter made by workers¡¯, prepared by field workers activists, and experts in order to share the movement with public.

5) Networks to enhance the workers¡¯ health and safety movement.

Decent work incorporates workers¡¯ control over the workplaces and the breach of the Structural Adjustment Program driven by the Neo-liberal labor policy. Therefore, we seek for an international coalition to share our experience with other countries.

6) Organizational activities to keep the labor movement class-conscious

The power of labor is declining due to globalization and the intense oppression of capital. Incessant struggles and training to encourage workers to be class-conscious is also a role we do play. We refuse to remain in a local campaign of labor health and safety, but go along with the entire labor movement with a faith of democratic and class-conscious progression of the
labor liberation movement.

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