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  What we have done so far

We have organized a series of collective workers compensation claims for musculoskeletal disorders. With the experience in the DAEWOO shipbuilding company, we extended our struggles to other industries, such as food processing plant, railroad and subway transportation companies in public sector and metal manufacturing industry as well. The strategy of collective workers compensation claims makes it possible for large numbers of workers in a factory to walk our in a way of strike, and to organize daily struggles. Through these struggles, we forced capitalists to hire more regular workers and reduce the working hours.

Our aims were to alleviate the intensity of labor and build up a workers¡¯ apparatus to intervene the hazards in work environment. We struggle for workers¡¯ control over the workplaces and fight against the Neo-liberal labor policy. We also presume the problems of job strain and cardio-cerebral vascular disorders as the consequence of the capitalistic globalization. Our struggle will continue until the Neo-liberal globalization stops and workers take the whole control over the workplace.

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